Photo Gallery of the exhibition by GAPEY on Guru Puja 2016


Persons with disabilities have more often have sedentary lifestyles than people in general. Sedentary lifestyle that results from inadequate levels of physical fitness leads to a number of health problems. Regular physical activity is essential for the maintenance of normal muscle strength, flexibility and functional ability. The physical activities may also slow down the functional decline often associated with disabling conditions. 

Physical exercise is a cornerstone of a healthy life style. However, for disabled persons an appropriate level of physical fitness is critical, because their disabling condition itself interferes with the ability to move efficiently. In order to cross the barriers created by the condition the physical activities are designed to meet the unique needs of each individual.

This exhibition depicts various physical activities for persons with disabilities and also how to assess the present & improved level of their physical and motor fitness. The exhibition will be presented in the form of workout charts, models and display of actual devices.