RKMVERI (Deemed University) – Coimbatore Campus

17th Annual Convocation of RKMVERI, Coimbatore Campus

Guest-in-Chief : Dr. Bhushan Patwardhan

12 Oct 2022, 5 PM     |    Details    |     Report  &  Photos

New programmes introduced in Faculty of Agriculture, Rural & Tribal Development (ARTD) from session 2022-23

  • Hostel facility available within campus.
  • Open for men.
  • Applications are still accepted
  • For Admission contact: or or

Admissions for the Academic session 2022-23 : Apply online

Faculty of Disability Management & Special Education (FDMSE)

Also see:  A Presentation on FDMSE (Video)  |   FDMSE Prospectus

Faculty of General Adapted Physical Education & Yoga (GAPEY)

New Vivekananda Inclusive Sports Complex Inaugurated

For Faculty of GAPEY, RKMVERI, Coimbatore Campus
(Inaugurated on 23 June 2022)

Faculty of Disability Management & Special Education (FDMSE)

Faculty of DMSE (or FDMSE) focuses on training persons with disabilities and equipping them with daily living, academic & vocational skills that help them integrate into the society as contributing members. Also, FDMSE works on preparing world-class teachers in Special Education. The Faculty is endowed with significant infrastructure, like Braille Press, Orthotic & Prosthetic unit, Sign Language Unit, etc.. (See Programmes offered)

Faculty of General Adapted Physical Education & Yoga (GAPEY)

Faculty of GAPEY focuses on preparing professional Physical Educators, and Adapted Physical Educators & Yoga trainers who cater to the physical educational needs of persons with disabilities. In addition a variety of value-added courses are taught to help students understand the demands of target-groups and improve students’ skill by developing inter-disciplinary competency. (Programmes offered)

Faculty of Agruculture, Rural and Tribal Development (ARTD)

Faculty of ARTD (earlier known as FAR) aims to provide quality Rural and Tribal development education for a Industrially & socially relevant, meaningful & self-supporting life to youth, to train them to cater to the needs of rural masses and the socially underprivileged sections of the society. A unique feature of the programmes under this Faculty is emphasis on higher goal-oriented education and values. (See Programmes offered)

Department of Computer Science (DCS)

Dept. of Computer Science focuses on: 1) offer programs in emerging areas of CS: MSc in Data Science (Big Data Analytics) is offered in this group, 2) to educate & train semi-skilled youth working in IT industry; Integrated 4 yrs MSc program caters to this: Diploma/degree students of CS/IT working in IT companies pursue this program (classes on weekends) while working in companies. (Programmes offered)

Direct Service of Units of FDMSE & GAPEY