Sports Academy for children

Sports Academy for children
We provide coaching to the interested children in Tennis, Badminton, Cricket, Yoga and Kalari. Annually about 70 children are benefitted by this service. The Training is provided in weekend mode and in intensive (45 days in summer) mode. We have well trained coaches for each event. The following Facilities are available at GAPEY.

  • Sophisticated tennis indoor stadium with synthetic surface tennis court
  • Advanced ball feeding machine
  • Sophisticated badminton indoor stadium with flexi cushion surface
  • Well prepared yoga hall
  • Yoga mats for all practitioners
  • Culturally prepared Kalari center
  • All types of equipment

Sports training at an early age leads to sports performance development, physical development, mental development, social development and spiritual development. The coaching is provided in three levels namely, Beginner, Intermediate and elite player levels