Centre of Excellence for Low Vision Clinic

Objectives of the Centre of Excellence for Low Vision Studies:

  • To provide early intervention services for children with visual impairment
  • To do the vision screening for individuals with vision problems
  • To teach the expanded core curriculum
  • To provide digital literacy skills training using screen reading software
  • To make the students participate in various literary, cultural, and sports activities to bring out their talents
  • To give guidance and counselling services to individuals with visual impairment and their parents

Early Intervention Services

In a growing child, lack of vision interferes with other normal developmental processes. Early intervention services are meant for children below the age of six years who have delayed development in their visual abilities. It supports families during the critical years of a child’s age-appropriate growth and development.

Early intervention services are provided in the areas of pre-requisite skills of pre-Braille reading and writing and functional vision training to children who are totally blind and have low vision, respectively.

Vision Screening

Individuals with vision problems undergo the vision screening process in the centre. Students who have been identified with vision problems are referred to eye hospitals for refractive corrections and additional glass prescriptions.

Expanded Core Curriculum

Expanded core curriculum, such as teaching Braille, Abacus, Taylor Frame, Orientation & Mobility, Daily Living Skills, Large Print, Assistive Devices, and Functional Vision Training, is provided to students with visual impairment. This training makes them to read, write, learn mathematical concepts, learn independent mobility and daily living skills.

Digital Literacy Skills Training

Students with visual impairment are given training to use computers with the help of screen reading softwares such as Non-Visual Desktop Access (NVDA) and Narrator. This digital literacy skills training helps them not only to access information easily but also access web pages for their educational purposes.

Literary, Cultural, and Sports Activities

Students with visual impairment are taking part in various literary, cultural, and sports events that were organised by various schools, colleges, and non-governmental organisations in order to develop their individuality.

Guidance and Counselling Services

Guidance and Counselling services are offered to individuals with visual impairment and their parents to promote the personal, social, and educational development of students with visual impairment.