Photo Gallery : Theme of Gurupuja Exhibition-2016


Theme of Gurupuja Exhibition-2016

Talking Hands and Hearing Eyes: Multi-faceted Aspects of Deafness

The theme selected by Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda University, Faculty of Disability Management and Special Education for Gurupuja Exhibition-2016 is “Talking Hands and Hearing Eyes: Multi-Faceted Aspects of Deafness”. Deafness is invisible disability, hence goes unnoticed in most of the cases that poses great challenges to overcome in later years.

Therefore, the present theme aims at creating public awareness on various aspects of Deafness. The stall will depict and portray information regarding  taking care of the ear, causes of deafness, preventive measures, screening and early identification and intervention of deafness, educational options, assistive technology, government’s schemes, concessions and benefits, employment opportunities and Indian Sign Language. The theme will also focus on the viewpoint that deafness is not a disability or handicap, but a special condition which provides special opportunity to communicate in Sign Language involving eyes for reception and hands for expression.


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