FDMSE, RKMVERI (Deemed University), Coimbatore Campus organised Three-Day CRE Programme on ‘Application of Technology in Education and Training’ – 02-04 Mar 2023

Faculty of Disability Management and Special Education, RKMVERI (Deemed University), Coimbatore Campus organized a Three-Day Continuous Rehabilitation Education Programme on “Application of Technology in Education and Training” from 02.03.2023 to 04.03.2023. The programme started on 2nd March 2023 with the inaugural function. 

Inaugural function started with a prayer song. Dr. S. Parween, Assistant Professor, FDMSE welcomed the gathering. Revered Swami Nirmaleshananda Maharaj, Assistant Administrative Head, FDMSE-RKMVERI delivered the presidential address and special address was delivered by Dr. N. Muthaiah, Dean, FDMSE – RKMVERI. Sri. G. Vasantha Rama Kumar, District Disability Welfare Officer, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu was the chief guest. In his Chief Guest address, he quoted the importance of technology for the education of children with special needs. He also shared about various schemes and assistance provided by the Government for persons with disabilities. Dr. K. Dhanalakshmi, Assistant Professor, FDMSE oriented the participants about the objectives and schedule of the training programme. Vote of thanks was proposed by Dr. J. B. Dheesha, Assistant Professor, FDMSE.

The forenoon session of the first day, 2nd March, 2023 started by a lecture given by Dr. J. B. Dheesha, Assistant Professor, FDMSE-RKMVERI on the topic “Introduction about Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Assistive Technology”. She discussed the concept and importance of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Assistive Technology in education.

The next session was handled by Dr. S. Parween, Assistant Professor, FDMSE-RKMVERI on “Integrating ICT in Inclusive and Special Education with reference to various Acts and Policies in India and United Nation”. In her session, she highlighted the types and uses of various assistive devices for children with special needs in an inclusive setup. She also discussed about the various national and international policies which focuses on the importance of Assistive technology, Accessibility and Inclusive Education. 

The first session of the afternoon was handled by Dr. K. Dhanalakshmi, Assistant Professor, FDMSE-RKMVERI. She discussed about the “Accessibility features in Windows and Practical Demonstration and Hands-on-Experience”. She gave a detailed explanation with practical demonstration of the accessibility features in Windows and how persons with disabilities can access easily.

The last session of the day was handled by Mr. P. Sathish Kumar In-charge of Braille Unit FDMSE-RKMVERI and Mrs. P.A. Tharini Special Educator, FDMSE-RKMVERI on “Assistive Devices & Technology for various disabilities”. They gave a detailed explanation with demonstration of various assistive devices such as Refreshable Braille Display, ZY Fuse Tactile Printer, Braillo 650 SW and other assistive devices available in the Assistive Technology Lab.

During the second day ie on 3rd March 2023, The first session of forenoon was handled by Mr. S. Sasi Kumar, Programme Manager, Karna Vidya Foundation, Chennai with the topic “Assistive Technology Solutions for Mobility and Orientation in School environment”. He gave detailed explanation and demonstrated various types of cane techniques. He also demonstrated the use of orientation and mobility apps for persons with visual impairment like Lazarillo, Be My eyes etc.

The next session was handled by Mr. Hassan Currimbhoy, Project Manager, Enability Foundation for Rehabilitation IIT Madras Research Park, Chennai on “Technology enabled accessible digital Lesson Plan for all”. During his session, he gave a demonstration on the online app “Kavi +” for creating an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) for various type of students with disabilities.

The first session of the afternoon was handled by Mr. S. Sasi Kumar, Programme Manager – Karna Vidya Foundation, Chennai on: “Screen Reader (Text to Speech), Scanning, Conversion and Reading Technology Solutions”. He highlighted various types of screen reading softwares for mobile phones, tablets, laptops and computers to aid persons with print disability through practical demonstration.

The last session of the day was handled by Mr. Shankar Subbiah, Director, Agate Infotek, Chennai on the topic “E-content guidelines for children with disabilities in the context of Learning, Content Preparation and Delivery & Technology Solutions in the context of Education-Screening and Early Intervention for Children with disabilities”. He highlighted the types of digital / e-content that serves children with disabilities as well as educators of students with disabilities.

The forenoon session of the third day i.e 4th March 2023 was dealt by Dr. Sridhar, Edqueries E-learning, Bangalore. He gave a presentation on the topic “Technology and Gamification solutions that support children with general learning difficulties like memory, organising, comprehending and reflection”. He highlighted how technology and gamification enables children with learning challenges to learn in alternative ways to demonstrate mastery of learning through these non-traditional means.

The second session was handled by Ms. Aishwarya Sezhian, Founder, Fun Learning, Hyderabad on “Adaptations for children with gross and fine motor difficulties in the classroom environment and Technology use for education”. Through her interactive session, she shared that young children do develop fine motor skills along with ICT capability while doing lot of fun activities through technology during their childhood.
The third session of the day was presented by Mrs. Maya Suresh, Shalabham Alternative Learning Space, Bangalore on “Socialisation, behaviour and task changes management in classrooms aided by technology”. She explained how technology provides social opportunities for children with special needs. She also discussed how technology offers a platform for the teachers to track, monitor, and engage students in their learning effortlessly. 

The final session of the day was delivered by Mr. G. Kumaresan, South India Consultant, Book share, Chennai on “Accessible e-Content Development for all and Online Education and Library Resources for Technology based education in Inclusive Classrooms”. He explained and demonstrated on accessible e-content technology based education that is useful in an inclusive classroom and well as how a digital library can function as an information gateway and link students to library catalogues, online resources, e-resources, digital resources and discussion forums.

Feedback was sought from the participants at the end of the day. On the whole, this three-day training programme on Application of Technology in Education and Training helped the participants to enrich their knowledge on various technological solutions that can be useful for children with different disabilities in inclusive classrooms. In total 29 (Male 3, Female 26) participants attended the program.

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