SWAVRIDDHI-2021 : One Day Programme for Children with Disabilities

A one day programme for children with disabilities titled “SWAVRIDDHI-2021” was conducted on 18th December, 2021 at RKMVERI-FDMSE.  Hundred and one children with differentdisabilities registered for the programme and 81 children with disabilities participated in the events.  Various indoor and outdoor activities were planned and organized for children disabilities. The events evoked enthusiasm and readiness for the children with different abilities to perform various activities. Teacher trainees of various programmes of RKMVERI-FDMSE coordinated the event.   In the concluding session of the programme prizes were distributed to all the children with disabilities.

The following activities were undertaken as indoor event under different stalls:

S. No Name of the Stall Activities undertaken Outcome
Stall 1 Puzzle Platform Mazing, joining, fixing and placing Puzzles, Trace the path, Bring the Spring, Hopscotch- Hand and Foot Improve Eye hand coordination, Attention, concentration and fine motor abilities
Stall 2 Tinkling sounds Speech kit activities, Tuning forks, Activities in low and high frequency sounds using noise makers Helps in Breadth control, improve listening skills and helps to discriminate various sounds
Stall 3 Visual and Tactile Integration Visual-tactile and visual efficiency activities, Visual stimulation engagements and Guiding for Reading activities Enhance visual skills for children with low vision and pre-requisite skills for Braille reading for blind and enhance residual vision for children with low vision
Stall 4 Sand Exploration Treassure hunt, Making  blocks and shapes  in sand, Tracing and Blowing sand tubes Enhance self-confidence, improve attention and concentration and focusing, Helps to follow direction and problem solving
Stall 5 Aqua Blizz Blowing the ball, hit the target, fishing in water tub, magic wand, Find the secret, passing the water ballon Improve attention, concentration, self-direction, eye hand coordination, balancing, taking turn and problem solving

The outdoor activities undertaken for the event ( Disability wise):

S. No



For children with Intellectual Disability


Snake and Ladder

Gross motor development, attention, concentration and decision making


Kolam drawing

Balancing, fine motor control and attention


Hop scotch

Gross motor development, balancing, attention and concentration


Treasure hunt

Develop Curiosity, focusing, attention and concentration


Reach the goal

Balancing, focusing, attention and concentration


Hit the target

Improve  attention, balancing  and concentration


Breaking water balloon by hitting the target

Control  balancing, focusing, attention and concentration


Water splash

Identification, selection and improve balancing and focusing


Destination tent

Build curiosity, balancing, decision making,  and problem solving


Water filling

Balancing, focus attention and concentration and problem solving
For children with Hearing Impairment


Balance and Mirror walk

Balancing, focus attention, concentration and direction


Sack race

Maintain balance, focus attention, concentration and direction


Lemon spoon

Maintain balance, Self-direction, self-confidence, attention, and concentration


Reach the target

Develop self-confidence, competitive spirit and self-satisfaction
For children with Visual Impairment


Blind cricket

Object identification, reach the goal, self-direction


Clay activities

Fine motor building, direction and concentration building


Reach the destination

Eye-foot coordination, Discrimination of sounds, Object identification