FDMSE organized a One Day Awareness Programme for Parents – 30 Apr 2024

Outreach: FDMSE organized a One Day Awareness Programme for Parents – 30 Apr 2024
Type: Outreach
Event Date: 30 Apr 2024
Venue: RKMVERI, Coimbatore Campus
Campus: Coimbatore Campus

Faculty of Disability Management and Special Education, Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda Educational and Research Institute, Department of Intellectual Disability, Coimbatore Campus organized a one day programme on Treating and Managing Adolescents with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities for parents of adolescents with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (ID) 30th April 2024

The program commenced with a prayer song, and Dr. Sudha A, Assistant Professor and, Department of ID at FDMSE-RKMVERI, welcomed the gathering and briefed them about the program. She also emphasized on Special Education Services and Programs offered by FDMSE.

Dr. K. Kiruthiga, the District Psychiatrist for the District Mental Health Programme in Coimbatore, held a session on how to treat and manage adolescents with intellectual disabilities (ID). During the session, she encouraged parents, special educators, and teacher trainees to share their experiences and the challenges they have faced in dealing with such individuals. Some of the challenges that were raised by parents included socially inappropriate behaviors exhibited by individuals with ID, and hurtful comments from others that prevent them from attending social gatherings. Dr. Kiruthiga discussed several strategies for managing such individuals, including spending time with them, connecting before correcting, identifying the antecedent of their behavior, allowing them to make choices and respecting their individuality, involving them in all activities as much as possible, involving parents in the intervention, focusing on one goal at a time, prompting them wherever necessary, breaking down larger goals into smaller ones, and analyzing individual tasks. 

She also discussed the important aspects of development, such as correcting behavior, developing language skills, improving social interaction, and building life skills. After the session, parents raised more questions, and Dr. Kiruthiga provided appropriate information to address their concerns. She also reminded them that accepting the situation earlier would lead to faster development. Reinforcement is crucial in teaching anything, and punishment should be used sparingly. She also emphasized that sexual behavior is a natural impulse, and as individuals grow, they experience physical, psychological, and hormonal changes. Individuals with intellectual disabilities have a different mental age and may not understand what behaviors are socially acceptable due to cognitive limitations.

Feedback was collected from all the participants, and parents expressed their appreciation for the activities. The feedback session included suggestions for including co-curricular activities like dance, physical education, yoga, sports, and games in the timetable. Participants also suggested for sessions on focused skill development, behavior modification, technology, and the latest teaching methods for children with special needs. Sessions on specific issues such as social skills, hormonal changes during adolescence, challenges during menstrual time, and management of cerebral palsy and stress management were also suggested. Additionally, participants suggested organizing medical camps and psychological assessments.  

Mrs. S. Senthilvani, Assistant Professor and Speech therapy in-charge, highlighted the importance of therapies in addressing various issues of children with disabilities. The program concluded with a vote of thanks. A total of 32 parents, nine psychology interns, four therapy teachers, faculty members, and six teacher trainees attended the program. 

Activity Coordinator(s)
Faculty/Staff Name Details
Nandita Chakrabarty (Primary Coordinator) FDMSE – Coimbatore Campus
Participant Information
Guest / General Public etc. 58 (Male: 6, Female: 52)

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