FDMSE organised Computer Literacy Training Programme for Students with Visual Impairment and Their Parents – 9-11 May 2024

Outreach: FDMSE organised Computer Literacy Training Programme for Students with Visual Impairment and Their Parents – 9-11 May 2024
Type: Outreach
Event Date: 09 May 2024
Venue: RKMVERI, Coimbatore Campus
Campus: Coimbatore Campus

A three-day training program on computer literacy training programme for students with visual impairment and their parents organized by Department of Visual Impairment, Faculty of Disability Management and Special Education, Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda Educational and Research Institute, Coimbatore Campus from 9th – 11th May, 2024.

Program Overview:

The workshop commenced on May 9th, 2024, with a prayer song. Over the three days, the workshop covered a comprehensive curriculum designed to build essential computer skills tailored for individuals with visual impairments.

  • Day 1:
    The first day primarily focused on introducing participants to the basic components of a keyboard, elucidating the functions of each key, and guiding them on proper finger positioning. Practical sessions using the NVDA Software were conducted, allowing participants to familiarize themselves with the software’s functionalities.
  • Day 2:
    Building upon the foundation laid on the first day, the second day delved deeper into practical applications. Participants engaged in hands-on activities to reinforce their understanding of keyboard usage, particularly in typing in Tamil using the Tamil 99 Keyboard. Additionally, they were introduced to reading comments, operating windows, and utilizing the Magnifier tool for enhanced accessibility.
  • Day 3:
    On the final day, participants explored advanced features of the NVDA software, including the Instant Translator add-on. Practical demonstrations and exercises were conducted to facilitate comprehension and application. Furthermore, participants were introduced to e-book reading using the Book Share website and were acquainted with assistive technologies such as the Dolphin Easy Reader mobile app, Translation and Spelling software, Smartphone Accessibility features, and various mobile applications. Discussions on reading and typing on mobile devices using an external keyboard were also facilitated.

Feedback and Impact:

Throughout the workshop, regular feedback sessions were conducted to assess participant engagement and address any queries or concerns. The workshop received positive feedback from both participants and their parents, highlighting its effectiveness in enhancing computer literacy skills and fostering independence among individuals with visual impairments.

Resource Persons:

The workshop was facilitated by esteemed individuals, Sri. S. Sasi Kumar, Programme Head, and Ms. L. Ilakkiya, Trainer, representing the Karna Vidya Foundation, Chennai. Their expertise and dedication greatly enriched the learning experience of all participants

Participant Demographics:

A total of 24 students with visual impairment, accompanied by their parents (15 female & 9 male), actively participated in the workshop, benefiting from the tailored curriculum and expert guidance provided by the resource persons. Dr. K. Dhanalakshmi, Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Disability Management and Special Education, coordinated the workshop.

Activity Coordinator(s)
Faculty/Staff Name Details
K Dhanalakshmi (Primary Coordinator) FDMSE – Coimbatore Campus
Participant Information
Guest / General Public etc. 24 (Male: 9, Female: 15)

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