Brief report on Orientation to the Parents of children with Intellectual Disability – 29 Nov 2022

The One-day Orientation Program, ‘Orientation to the Parents of children with Intellectual Disability about Future Prospects’ was organized by the Department of Intellectual Disability on 29 Nov 2022. Six sessions were included in the program that started with a brief inaugural function. Revered Swamis Tadbhasanandaji (Correspondent – SRKV Polytechnic College, Swami Nirmaleshanandaji (Assistant Secretary – Ramakrishna Mission Vidyalaya & Assistant Admin. Head – RKMVERI-FDMSE), Dr. N. Muthaiah (Dean – RKMVERI-FDMSE) graced the occasion. In total 109 participants (51 parents of children with ID, 10 Special Educators and 48 teacher trainees) attended the program.

The details of the six sessions are as follows:

1 Need for Acceptance, Affiliation and Achievement by Parents 10 .30–11.15 am Dr. N. Muthaiah, Dean – FDMSE
2 Intellectual disability, Purpose of placing in Pre-Primary, Primary, Secondary, Pre-Vocational & Vocational; Effect of ID on Learning & General Functioning  11.15–12.00 pm Ms. Aarthi Shankar, Freelance Special Educator, Madurai
3 Viewing Disability from a Different Outlook! 12.00–12. 30 pm Swami Nirmaleshananda, Asst. Admin. Head RKMVERI-FDMSE
Lunch Break: 12.30 pm – 1.30 pm
4 Role of Parents in supporting Special Educators in preparing and execution of Individualized Educational Plan and Individualized Vocational Training Plan 1.30– 2.15 pm Ms. Roopavathy, Ph.D. Scholar, RKMVERI-FDMSE
5 Financial Help from Bank / Loan / SHG etc. 
Reality & Misconceptions
2.15–3.00 pm Dr. C. Manimaran, Retd. Assistant Director, State Commissioner for Differently Abled, Dharmapuri 
6 Enhancing Cognitive Abilities through Brain Gym among Children with Intellectual Disabilities 3.00–3.45 pm Mr. Sureshh Arunachalam, Cognizant, Coimbatore
Feedback – 3.45– 4.00 pm


Below are some of the photos of the programme