One Day Self-Development Programme for Children with Intellectual Disabilities “SWAVRIDDHI – 2023” – 07 Feb 2023

A one-day programme for children with intellectual disabilities titled “SWAVRIDDHI-2023” was conducted on 07th February 2023 at RKMVERI-FDMSE. Swami Garishthananda Maharaj, Administrative Head, RKMVERI, Coimbatore Campus inaugurated the event. Swami Nirmaleshananda Maharaj, Asst. Admin Head, RKMVERI, Coimbatore Campus and Dr. N. Muthaiah, Dean, School of Rehabilitation and Sports Science were present in the inaugural event.

In total 140 children with intellectual disabilities registered for the programme and 127 children participated in the events. Various indoor and outdoor activities were planned and organized for children with intellectual disabilities. The events aroused interest and enthusiasm among children. Teacher trainees of FDMSE – RKMVERI conducted the event. In the concluding session of the programme, prizes were distributed to all the children.

Details of schools participated:

Sl. No. Name of the School Number of Participants
1. Kaumaram Prasanthi Special School, Saravanmpatti, Coimbatore 22
2. Women’s Volunteer Service Special School, Koundenpalayam, Coimbatore 5
3. T.A.T. Kalanilayam Middle School, SRK Vidyalaya, Coimbatore 12
4. Special Education Unit, FDMSE 88
Total 127

The following activities were undertaken as indoor event under different stalls:

Stall Name of the Stall Activities undertaken Outcome
Stall 1 Puzzle Platform Mazing, joining, fixing and placing Puzzles, Trace the path, Identification and fixation of letters in board and pattern game Improve memory, Eye hand coordination, Attention, concentration and fine motor abilities
Stall 2 Water Games Activities on Water balloons, cups, aiming the target, Blowing ball and finding objects from water and ocean exploration and water puzzles Helps to control mind and body, helps to improve attention, and fine motor activities
Stall 3 Sand Play Treasure hunt, prepare blocks and shapes in sand, creating various sand models, writing and drawing activity in sand, Tracing and Blowing sand tubes Improve finger dexterity, spatial orientation and balancing, self-confidence, attention, eye-hand coordination and focusing
Stall 4 Creative Art Visual art activities such as colouring, painting, fixing and drawing. Also creating models through glass tube wires and glass painting Enhance self-confidence, improve attention and concentration and focusing, Helps to follow direction and problem solving
Stall 5 Creative Play Creative Play activities using paper cups, rangoli flour and balls Helps to follow direction and problem-solving, Improve attention, concentration, self-direction, eye hand coordination

The outdoor activities undertaken for the event:

Outdoor activities Palm printing, water balloons, colour splash, reaching the target through hoping, Walking with a balloon and reaching the target, drawing kolam, pattern jump and puzzle game. Helps to improve balancing, fine motor control, attention, Gross motor development, decision making, turn-taking, Build curiosity, and problem solving

Below are some of the photos

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