Brief report on One Day orientation programme on ‘Creating Accessible and Inclusive Classrooms for Children with Special Needs’ – 16 Mar 2023

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Division of Visual Impairment, Faculty of Disability Management and Special Education (FDMSE), RKMVERI (Deemed University), Coimbatore Campus organized a One Day Orientation Programme on “Creating Accessible and Inclusive Classrooms for Children with Special Needs” on 16 Mar 2023 (Thursday) for B.Ed. teacher trainees of general education. Inaugural function of the programme was held on the same day and the inauguration started by invoking the blessings of Gurumaharaj with a prayer song. Dr.K.Dhanalakshmi, Asst. Professor, FDMSE welcomed the gathering, Dr. N. Muthaiah, Dean, School of Rehabilitation and Sports Science, RKMVERI presented the special address. Dr. J.B.Dheesha, Asst. Professor, FDMSE oriented the participants about the objectives and schedule of the orientation programme. Mrs. P.A. Tharini, Special Educator, FDMSE proposed the vote of thanks.

The first sessions “Overview about various types of disabilities and implications” was handled by Mrs. Saradha Easwaran, Educational Consultant Sarvae Jana Consultancy Services (SJCS), Coimbatore. She discussed the various types of disabilities as per the RPwD Act, 2016 and explained the implications of the disabilities to the participants.

The second session “Curriculum adaptations and different TLMs for children with hearing Impairment” was dealt by Mrs. S.N.Hamsapriya, Assistant Professor, FDMSE, Coimbatore. She explained the need of curriculum adaptation for children with hearing impairment. She also discussed various teaching learning materials useful in inclusive classroom particularly to handle students with hearing impairment.

Afternoon first session was handled by Dr. K. Dhanalakshmi, Assistant Professor, FDMSE, Coimbatore on “Teaching core curriculum to children with visual impairment”. She gave detailed information about meaning and domains of expanded core curriculum. She also explained various assistive devices used by children with visual impairment in inclusive classroom through demonstration method.

The fourth session of the day “Identification, assessment and planning programme for children with intellectual disabilities” was handled by Dr. S. Logesh Kumar, Assistant Professor, FDMSE, Coimbatore. He discussed how to identify and assess children with intellectual disabilities by using various tools. He also explained the need, importance and planning of Individualized Educational Programme (IEP) for children with intellectual disabilities.

After this session participants were taken to the visit to various service units such as physiotherapy, speech therapy, special education, vocational unit at FDMSE to provide firsthand experience. The last session “Universal design for learning (UDL) in inclusive classroom” was handled by Dr.A.Divyapriya, Assistant Professor, Avinashilingam Institute for Home Science & Higher Education for Women, Coimbatore. She discussed the concept of UDL and its principles. She also pointed out that how UDL approach is useful in inclusive classroom by giving various examples.

Feedback was sought from the participants about the program and certificates were distributed to them. On the whole, the one-day orientation programme was very much useful for all the participants. In total 52 B.Ed. general teacher trainees (20 Male and 32 Female) were benefited through this programme.

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