Week for Holistic Welfare of the Children, Nov 2016

Week for Holistic Welfare of the Children 14th-19th, Nov 2016 :  Photo Gallery

The ‘week for holistic welfare of the children’ was organized from 14th to 19th November, 2016, by the Faculty of Disability Management and Special Education (FDMSE), Coimbatore, in partnership with Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda University (RKMVU) West Bengal and globally with ARIGATOU International, Japan. A total of 103 children along with their parents enthusiastically participated in all the activities carried out in this week-long programme.

Date: 14.11.2016

The inaugural function of the ‘Week for Holistic Welfare of Children’ was conducted on 14.11.2016 and commenced with a prayer song. Br. Paramarthachaitanya, Assistant Administrative Head, FDMSE-RKMVU graced the occasion. Dr. Pramod P., Principal Scientist, Salim Ali Centre for Ornithology & Natural History, Coimbatore gave the Chief Guest address. Dr. N. Muthaiah, Hon. Dean, FDMSE-RKMVU gave the Special Address. Children with disabilities (CwDs) from Vidyalaya institutions and their parents attended the inaugural function.

This was followed by a ‘nature walk’ lead by Dr. Pramod P. In this session the children were engaged in a walk for nearly 5 km around Vidyalaya premises where they explored the natural surroundings under the guidance of Dr. Pramod. During this walk children learned about the birds, trees, and plants. They also collected few samples from the variety of plants and trees. The walk ended with a feedback session where the children were asked to share their experiences from the nature walk.


Post lunch, an activity session was conducted where the children were divided into 6 groups. The samples of plants collected during the nature walk were distributed to the children and they were asked to prepare any concept of their own in the provided chart with help of glue. With high enthusiasm, all the children were actively involved in preparing the diversity of ideas. This session was followed by a video presentation on ‘Animals are Beautiful’, produced by Warners Bros & Company.


Date: 15.11.2016

The second day of the children’s week started with a session on ‘safety measures’ by Mrs. P. Uma Devi, Resource Teacher for Learning Disability, Vidya Vikasini Institutions, Coimbatore. In this session, various visual aids and practical demonstrations were used to give learning experience on handling sharp objects, following traffic rules, use of first aid and household objects.


The next session was on ‘health and hygiene’ by Dr. Parimala, Medical Officer, Kuppusamy Naidu Rural Health Centre, Coimbatore. Here, Dr. Parimala focused on nutrition, cleanliness, good habits, keeping our surroundings dirt-free, saying no to junk food, and disciplined following of a daily routine to lead a disease and stress-free life.

Date: 16.11.2016

On the third day, a general medical checkup by Dr. Vijesh, General Pediatrician, Kuppusamy Naidu Memorial Hospital, Coimbatore was organized. Fifty children benefited from this checkup. He recommended follow-up tests based on each child’s medical history.

After the medical checkup, game events were organized. Games like tennis ball throw; 25 m running, water filling, bocce, bun biting, soft ball throw, needle and thread were conducted. All the children enthusiastically participated in these events, and the children wanted to complete the task rather than being a winner.


Date: 17.11.2016

The fourth day began with a variety of cultural, art & craft activities. Solo singing, fancy dress, solo dance, group dance, rangoli, collage, painting, coloring, puzzles and observation were organized. Each child performed their best in all the events.

During this time, a talk for the parents on ‘adolescent issues’ by Mrs. Rajeswari, Head, Sanctuary Special School, Sundarapuram, Coimbatore was organized. She focused on the issues for both male and female adolescent children, managerial techniques of adolescent problems and role of parents in effective handling of serious problems.

Date: 18.11.2016

On the fifth day, children and their parents were taken for a nature trip to Kallar fruit farm. Here the children could learn the variety of fruits, medical plants and trees. They also got an opportunity to learn about streams. Then the children visited the Bhavanisagar dam. Here children learned how dams are water reservoirs.


Date: 19.11.2016

The week-long programmes for children culminated with the valedictory function of the program which was held on 19th Nov, 2016 at FDMSE. Dr. S. Rajaguru, Associate Professor, RKMV College of Education gave the chief guest address, Br. Paramarthachaitanya, Assistant Administrative Head, FDMSE-RKMVU, staff members and parents attended the function. Tokens for participation were distributed to all children.

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