Administrative and Academic Staff of FDMSE


Administrative and Academic Staff 

1. Departments

Faculty of Disability Management and Special Education (FDMSE) is mainly organised into three departments and over 9 units for providing support services to the departments. It attracts students from all over India as well as abroad. The intake capacity for each course is limited for quality control. The three departments of the faculty are as under:

1. Department of Hearing Impairment
2. Department of Visual Impairment
3. Department of Intellectual Disability 


Roles of the departments

The departments of the faculty function with the following roles:

1. Human resource development: In order to deal with a range of stages of intervention, education and rehabilitation of children with hearing impairment, visual impairment and mental retardation; various short-term training, diploma, undergraduates and postgraduates courses are offered. These courses are intended to develop manpower for carrying out education and rehabilitation services. All the courses are recognised by RCI, New Delhi. (Click here to see courses offered)

2. Research and development: In order to promote research and development in the field, M.Phil. and Ph.D. are offered in all the three departments. In addition, these departments are actively involved in various research activities to develop the field of special education and disability management and to ameliorate the practices.

3. Service facilities: The faculty through its departments and units tend to provide an array of services including early identification, early identification and rehabilitative procedures, guidance and counselling, remedial teaching, vocational training, therapies, job placements and other referral services.

4. Community, extension and outreach programmes: In order to create awareness among remote rural community about causes, prevention, early identification, early intervention, special education, rehabilitation, health and hygiene identification and intervention, the departments conduct various extension, outreach and community awareness programmes.

5. Material development: In order to create public awareness and facilitate special education, each department through its concerned units are involved in developing required instructional and awareness materials.

6. Dissemination of information:

The faculty endeavor to keep the entire rehabilitation fraternity abreast with latest information, new practices and any other development in the field of special education and disability management..

 ♣ Administrative Head

➧ Swami Garishthananda

♣ In-Charge

➧ Swami Dhinathananda

♣ Dean of the Faculty

  ➧ Dr. N. Muthaiah  (Bio-data : Click here)➚

♣ Department of Visual Impairment

➧  Dr. S. Parween  (Bio-data : Click here)➚
➧  Dr. J.B. Dheesha  (Bio-data : Click here)➚

♣ Department of Hearing Impairment

➧  Mr. Parthasarathy (Bio-data : Click here)➚
➧  Mrs. S. N. Hamsapriya (Bio-data : Click here)➚

♣ Department of Intellectual Disability 

➧  Dr. A. Sudha (Bio-data : Click here)➚
➧  Dr. Saumya Chandra (Bio-data : Click here)➚
➧  Dr. S. Logesh Kumar (Bio-data : Click here)➚
➧  Mrs. V. Indirani (Bio-data : Click here)➚