Courses offered by GAPEY

1. Regular Mode

The Faculty of General & Adapted Physical Education and Yoga (GAPEY) offers the following post-graduate, graduate and diploma courses during the academic year in regular mode recognized by National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE).

S.No Courses Offered Duration Eligibility
1 M.P.EdMaster of Physical Education 2 Yrs B.P.Ed
2 B.P.EdBachelor of Physical Education 2 Yrs
U.G. Degree
3 D. P.Ed
Diploma in Physical Education
2 Yrs Pass in +2
4 B.Sc
Bachelor of Science in Physical Education
3 Yrs Pass in +2


GAPEY offers the following Research Programs

S. No Course Duration Eligibility
1 Ph.D
Doctor of Philosophy

Min 3Yrs

M.P.Ed / M.Phil
2 M.Phil
Master of Philosophy
(Leading to Ph.D)

Min 1.5 Yrs

M.P.Ed / M.P.E

GAPEY offers the following Add-on/Certificate courses for the benefit of its students. The course work is spread throughout an academic year and is organized   beyond the regular working hours of GAPEY.

2.     Part time Mode 

S.NO Course Duration Eligibility
1 Certificate Course in Yoga 300 Hrs Pass in +2
2 Certificate Course in Fitness 300 Hrs Pass in +2
3 Certificate Course in Tennis 300 Hrs Pass in +2
4 Certificate Course in Kalari 300 Hrs Pass in +2
5 Certificate Course in
Adapted Physical Education
300 Hrs Pass in +2
6 Certificate Course in Aerobics 300 Hrs Pass in +2
7 Certificate Course in Special
Olympics (Offered only in summer)
300 Hrs Pass in +2
8 Diploma in Aerobics
(Offered at KG college)
600 Hrs Pass in +2
9 Diploma in Yoga (Offered at KG college) 600 Hrs Pass in +2

Certificate course in Special Olympics is a program aimed at preparing expert coaches in the field of Adapted physical Education. This course is being offered by the RKMVU- GAPEY every summer since 2007. The entire program is sponsored by Special Olympics Bharat and Special Olympics Asia Pacific. There is a tripod agreement between RKMVU-GAPEY, S.O. Bharat and S.O. Asia Pacific to this effect. S.O. Bharat deputes 30 trainees a year from different parts of India to undergo this course. The participants are typically a mixture of Special Educators and Physical Educators. Again this serves the purpose of Inclusive Education. Ordinary Physical Educators become familiar with Adapted games and Special Educators are introduced to Physical Education suiting to the need of Special Children. This course is first of its kind in whole of India. RKMVU-GAPEY is proud of successfully turning experts year after year in this field. It is mandatory for the trainees who have undergone this course to take up and organize stipulated number of project meets for special children to obtain a final certification as a Special Olympics certificate holder. Till date GAPEY produced about 240 coaches. Apart from the training provided to outsiders, in charges of therapy units belonging to the Faculty of Disability Management and Special Education (FDMSE) are trained in Adapted physical education. They conduct sports for special children on regular basis.